AerFin has acquired Saudi Arabian Airlines’ (Saudia) fleet of 15 Embraer E170-LR aircraft, including all the spare parts, engines, tooling and equipment necessary to support the entire fleet. In doing so, we have become the leading EJet spares and aftermarket services provider.

Our focus is on helping regional jet operators achieve more predictable and lower costs, whether whole aircraft, the leasing of component packages, and component sales.

We have identified some of the aircraft to lease, providing operators with guaranteed spare engine, rotable component and tooling support under innovative flight hour agreements. By purchasing an entire fleet, we can share the capital cost efficiencies with our clients on these lease rentals.

The E170s, which have commonality with E175 and E190s, entered into Saudia operation from December 2005, and accumulated more than 350,000 flight hours over an average of 10 years with the airline. 8 of the aircraft had D checks in the past 12 months and the last of the aircraft completed its last Saudia flight on December 19, 2016.

Securing this volume and quality of product is key to offering the lowest possible EJet spares maintenance costs world-wide. By expanding our BeyondFleetServicesTM programme (pioneered on the A340) to the EJet fleet, we will offer regional EJet operators the best solutions in the market.

For more information on our EJet solutions, please contact Oliver James on [email protected] or call +44 (0) 2920 109 890.

Embraer E170