It is at the heart of everything we practice and is drawn from a technically astute and cohesive management team. 

The Engineering culture throughout AerFin means that the delivery of our portfolio of service solutions goes Beyond our customers’ expectations: 

  • Breadth and depth of experience and knowledge drawn from a management and technical team with extensive OEM, Defence and Airline backgrounds
  • Technical excellence - a Unique Selling Point and competitive advantage in every service and solution we deliver
  • Able to execute innovative, complex deals by applying detailed engineering expertise to create out of the box answers
  • Our in-house capability means that we excel at executing larger, more complex or sophisticated contracts to buy fleet or deliver solutions
  • We are able to effectively analyse engine and component conditions, through practicing rigorous engineering due-diligence. This means that we are able to reduce the cost of operations whilst guaranteeing the technical and commercial integrity of the asset.