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09 Mar 2022

Flying restart prompts optimised landing gear solutions

Publication: AviTrader MRO Aerospace Magazine


As the COVID pandemic subsides in many global regions and aircraft operators begin to return their fleets into flying schedules, critical components such as landing gears will require meticulous planning for maintenance events.

In this feature of AviTrader MRO, editor Keith Mwanalushi speaks to AerFin's Nick Filce, Director Asset Sales and MRO. As airlines rebuild their operations, Nick discusses how they are seeking to optimise their landing gear maintenance with some operational flexibility.

Filce explains, "Firstly, Landing gear monitoring can assist with predictive or condition based maintenance - the monitoring can reduce maintenance costs and prevent costly shop visit that require traditional inspection, repair and extensive downtime".

“By planning and arranging for landing gear removal and overhaul in advance operators can work on gear rotation or ensure that gears are sourced at competitive rates. Having maintenance agreements in place will assist operators with time and financial planning.” Filce indicates that working closely with MRO’s who can offer an overhaul package with advance planning will ensure lengthy delays and downtime are prevented due to availability of production maintenance slots with landing gear overhaul workshops.

AerFin continue to work closely with major landing gear MRO’s, operators, owners and leasing companies. “We are always looking at investment opportunities which include the acquisition of whole aircraft or individual assets. Landing gears can be provided on sale, exchange, long and short-term leases to support operators and we are regularly reviewing our stock and availability to meet demands and provide cost effective landing gear solutions,” says Filce.

In addition to whole gear sets AerFin provides landing gear LRU support through sales, exchanges, leasing and cost per hour services. AerFin also disassembles assets to provide Used Serviceable Material (USM) to reduce cost of landing gear spares parts ensuring that tech records and back to birth is tracked and traced in line with OEM requirements.

Full article available to read here