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10 Apr 2019

Barfield Signs Major Component Repair Agreement with AerFin to Support Regional and Single Aisle Commercial Aircraft

AFI KLM E&M American Subsidiary enters into an agreement to support AerFin Limited's commercial aircraft components.

Barfield, an Air France KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) subsidiary in the Americas, and a major aviation industry player, entered into a long-term maintenance agreement with AerFin Limited to cover the repair of regional and single aisle commercial aircraft components.

"Choosing to enter into a formal agreement with Barfield was an easy decision for us, as the company is recognized for the quality of its service in all sectors of the aviation industry. AerFin holds the same standards and values and the agreement will be mutually beneficial to both companies," says Nick Filce, AerFin Director of Asset Sales & MRO.

Under this new agreement, Barfield facilities in Atlanta and Miami will provide support for approximately 170 component part numbers. Today, AerFin already utilizes AFI KLM E&M's facilities in Europe. Working with Barfield in the Americas is a natural extension to that relationship. The agreement ensures that AerFin will receive services to meet their operational requirements.

The long-term component repair agreement relies on Barfield being an established company in the Americas, approved by both airlines and OEMs. "We are delighted to work with AerFin as it shows our capabilities and high quality of engineering practices has demand across a diverse customer base," says Matt Millbank, Vice President of Business Development for Sales Department at Barfield.