Our team of technical experts is dedicated to consistently providing bespoke integrated services ranging from engine-piece-part material supply programs through to whole engine leasing. We work both independently as well as exclusively through our extensive network of MRO partnerships. 

Engine Trading

Our Engine Trading team are very active in the purchasing and trading of all major commercial engines. We provide an innovative solution to operators, lessors and financiers. We are focused on acquiring quality mid to end-of-life engines, with a primary focus on narrow body and regional aircraft engine types. We are continuously seeking attractive opportunities to meet the bespoke requirements of our customers.

Engine Leasing

We recognise that the ownership and maintenance of engine operation is unpredictable as well as capital and resource intensive. Our Engine Leasing service provides customers with comprehensive solutions to help better predict and manage the cost of engine operation. Our team of technical experts are dedicated to short to medium-term engine leasing packages which provide certainty of cost and are bespoke to each customer’s requirement. 

Engine Exchange Programs

We also offer bespoke whole engine exchange programs. Our engine exchange programs help customers avoid expensive Engine Shop Visits, as well as heavy investment in Life Limited Parts (LLPs), through immediately providing serviceable whole engines on green-time lease or outright exchange for unserviceable units. This service is provided at a price-point that ensures significant operational cost savings and suits airlines that operate owned aircraft fleets in the final few years of life.

Engine Component Support Services

Our engine team are specialists in developing long term strategic engine material agreements to support MRO and airline activities, providing the consistent supply of inventory within a service designed to perfectly integrate into your operation.

Key services include:

  •  Consign to Consume
  •  Material Supply Agreements
  •  Material guarantees
  •  LLP Provisioning Programme
  •  24/7 AOG Support
  •  QEC programs
  •  Repair management 
  •  Used Serviceable Material (USM) Exchange Programs

Engine Storage & Teardown

AerFin provides third party engine disassembly services across a range of engines from our state of the art engine tear down facility, located in the U.K, fully equipped with OEM tooling and a highly skilled workforce.

AerFin prides itself on the quality of our disassembly activities, with our team of experienced technicians with backgrounds ranging from major OEMs and MROs to Tier 1 Airlines, our staff are professional, competent and efficient.

All engine teardowns will be inventoried using our Inventory Management System, providing a computerised inventory listing with each component identified, labelled and packaged in accordance with our Quality system.

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