AerFin have been awarded with a ‘Known Consignor’ security clearance status by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), allowing consignments from AerFin to travel as air cargo without the need for additional security screening measures.   To achieve a Known Consigner shipping status, AerFin’s 33,000 sq. ft. Component and AOG facility in Crawley, Gatwick has been audited by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), along with its internal processes and shipping procedures. Under the new approval, AerFin are permitted to ship directly from source, meaning consignments can be transported by air without the need for any further security measures being applied. Ben Pinington, Head of Operations – Airframe, commented: “Thanks to this procedure, shipments can pass through the supply chain significantly faster than usual by bypassing security clearance, minimising delays and eliminating security charges imposed by the freight agent or airline. As a result, we can now pass this cost-saving benefit onto our global network of customers offering them faster transit times with lower rates.”