Finland’s flagship airline Finnair, has become the latest E-Jet operator to select AerFin’s BeyondPool™ component FlightHour-Agreement (FHA), signing a long-term contract to support its fleet of twelve (12) E190 E-Jet aircraft. AerFin’s BeyondPool™ is a fully bespoke, comprehensive E-Jet component FHA solution, covering Repair, Overhaul, Pooling and on-site provisioning of E-Jet rotable component inventory and is fully supported out of Finnair’s hub in Helsinki. Finnair tendered the market for a cost-efficient E-Jet rotable component solution providing market-leading on-time delivery and component reliability. After a thorough tender and auditing process, Finnair selected AerFin to deliver this service. Juha Ojala, Finnair’s VP Technical Operations commented on the agreement “We continually evaluate how we can create more value in our supply chain. This tender process required the successful partner to combine a competitively priced solution with the highest levels of quality and reliability of service. Given AerFin’s first-class experience of supporting other market-leading E-Jet operators, they were an obvious partner for Finnair to work with. As part of our collaboration, we continue to evaluate Finnair’s growing inhouse component repair capabilities to determine how they could complement AerFin’s strong repair network. Finnair’s recent build-up of inhouse capability for the E-Jet Emergency Escape Slides could lead the way to a more extensive collaboration with AerFin even beyond the E-Jet platform.” Chris Hooley, AerFin’s Director – Airframe added “We are delighted to announce that Finnair has selected AerFin’s BeyondPool™ component solution for supporting its ongoing E-Jet operation. AerFin has spent the past number of months working with Finnair to develop a fully tailored component solution designed to meet all of their operational and commercial requirements, whilst providing an element of flexibility as we navigate through this difficult period together. I am pleased to announce that we have now signed a fully inclusive FHA Pool agreement and look forward to building a successful, long-term partnership with Finnair.”