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17 Jan 2023

Developing pathways for sustainable disassembly


The aircraft disassembly market faces unique challenges in the race for more sustainable operations but there are advances taking place in line with global greener practices and experts say closer collaboration with suppliers, OEMs and airlines could see even more economical solutions.

In the January 2023 issue of AviTrader MRO Aerospace Magazine (edition #106) Aerfin’s James Bennett reflects on how seriously they are taking sustainability. “When it comes to an airline’s decision to retire an aircraft, AerFin’s objective as a business is to help them maximise the residual value of those assets and to do so in a sustainable manner,” declares James Bennett SVP Sales. Bennett says by recycling aircraft and engines on a global scale AerFin can offer used serviceable material (USM) to airlines and lessors that then reduces the requirement for the manufacture of new parts, which in turn helps to eradicate waste.

Bennett stresses the importance of giving airlines the flexibility to recall components from the airframe thus helping operators avoid additional investments in purchasing new components, and to encourage them towards circularity by reusing their own material. “Also, by integrating recycled components into their fleet maintenance strategy, airlines mitigate lengthy lead times, avoid price fluctuations, and reduce their global footprint associated with the movement of the goods,” Bennett adds.

Moreover, AerFin are building a pool of serviceable inventory to support existing and new customers who are looking for cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for their fleet. The company has an established link with AFRA (Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association) with a vision for making aviation more sustainable.